Central Library

The library is centrally located with a total carpet area 30”x35” sq ft. The Library is well ventilated with adequate facilities having 7,326 books including Reference books, encyclopedia, etc. on various subjects. The library regularly subscribes about 15 printed journals and periodicals.

some of the reader friendly prominent features of the library are
  • Collection of books: - 7,326 books including Reference books, Encyclopedias, Reference books, rare books etc. on various subjects and areas.
  • Journals & Magazines: - Library subscribes around 15 printed Journals & Magazines devoted to various subjects and general interest.
  • E –resources: - Around 200 titles on E-resources are one of the peculiarities of the library. 18 CD’s and DVD’s are also available.
  • N-LIST:- Library subscribed N-LIST facility of UGC-INFLIBNET, Ahmadabad. This has at about 75000 E-Books & 3000 E-Journals.
  • Back volumes: - The library consists of more than 112 back volumes of Journal and periodicals.
  • Enriched Reference section:-Reference section has been developed in library. This facility is optimally, is used by teachers, research scholars, P.G. students and interested reader from the college and nearby areas.
  • Computerized services: - The Library has SOUL 2.0 software from 5 th July 2011 and Computerization is under Process. Library also provides E-mail Service to staff members.
  • Internet Facility: - The library is equipped with broadband internet facility from October 2011. providing 4 internet connected computers for students and 2 for the staff members.
  • Open Access systems: - Open access system is used for students, Researchers, teachers & staff.
  • Reader Awareness activities:-The Library undertakes a number of activities for reader awareness and motivation. Some of these are-
    • Know your library programme (KYL)
    • Reader awareness lectures
    • Display of new arrival
    • Specific guidance by librarian
    • Organize general knowledge examination for the student (from 2011-12)
    • Organize computer, information technology awareness course. (from 2011-12)
  • Book Bank facility: - Some of the students cannot afford to purchase study material /Books. A Book Bank is established for the benefit of such students. Student from economically weaker section are given text book etc. on nominal charge for the academic year. Such students can also avail regular library facilities.
  • Inter Library borrowing facility:-Inter library borrowing facilities is available. Our library borrows reference books and books required for research etc. On request of reader, from libraries of nearby colleges, Shri. V.S. Naik College, Raver, D.N. College, Faizpur etc.

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