Labrary Facilities

  • Goal of the practice: to provide on line access to globally generated information to the staff, students.
  • The Process:  Library is a place which provides access to information. It is a boost for the current and comprehensive information and useful to improve teaching and learning activities. The staff and students   get the latest information   for their studies, research, to shape- up   their own views and to develop it using online information service .
  • Impact of the practice:  Staff students, research students and the visitors satisfied with service.  Suggestion box in the library provides the inspiration, lacings which helps to make the modifications, personal attention, interactions and the dialogue for smooth and effective service.
  • Resources required:  Qualified persons knowing the computer knowledge regarding Internet and allied.
  • Goal of the practice:   To know the Library It is set-up rules and Regulations and the services provided by the library.
  • The Process:  The queries of the students and staff regarding the Library the  librarian give the lecture to them regarding the functioning of the library for ex.-How to issue the book, duration to keep the book with the students, fine, timings of the library ,rule & regulations of the library etc.
  • Impact of the practice:  The awareness regarding the books and journals. How to handle the books and to keep the silence in the library as well as college library premises, Because of   this the library could give the best services to the users.
  • Resources Required:  Sufficient printed feedback and services evaluation forms be provided. After distributing the specialized and Specific number forms and not collected in time and on due date.
  • Goal of the Practice: To provide access to web resources, to Facilitate Students to easily access web resources, to educate the users in the Systematic approach to collecting the current information to support their study material, assignments etc.
  • The Process: The facility is provided to the students with two computer and Staff with one Computer with internet connectivity is created for free use by the student during working hours. A separate registered is maintained for this purpose where the roll no., class, date, time, and witch internet web is used by the student. The librarian, guide the students and Staff in searching about the relevant educational web-site, relevant topics etc.
  • Impact of the practice: Students are well informed about the e-resources and they are permitted to use the facility only for academic/ Educational purposes. Students are benefited by getting current information.
  • Resources required: Training to library staff   about-resources to unable them to guide the students.
  • Goal of practices:-To elevate the academic interest of the students
  • The process:-The college has a book bank facility for economically weaker students here are around 450 books under the facility needy students are  provided books free of cost .these students can avail the regular library facility also. Not only have this other student’s also availed facility for the whole academic year. Set of books made available to the various subjects departments for this purpose also.
  • Impact of the practice: - After having the subject books with the student, the interest to study is increased.
  • Resources required: - Maximum Text books, Special grants for book bank scheme and personal attention.
  • Goal of the practice: - Students also avail this practice of reference of section for their studies.
  • The process: - The reference department is the important section of the library. Important volumes of encyclopedia, reference books and material etc. are available in the reference section. Reference service this includes assistance to users in the use of library, locating specific documents, bibliographic and providing information on specific topics.
  • Impact of the practice: - Teachers, post graduate students and Research scholars can use the reference section for their study and research this helps for boosting research activities.
  • Resources required; -Proper reference section should be set up, proper and adequate staff, Number of all kinds of reference books.