It includes the classification of the book in the library. Books are classified according to DDC system. Book arrangement made according to subject wise.

Services offered by the central library:-

  • Inter Library Loan Facility: - There are few colleges when they asked for the help of the books; our central library provides the books on terms and conditions.
  • Audio-Visual services: - The central library provide audio-visual system which includes 17 CD and DVD’s   and 3 audio cassettes on various topics which includes speeches, spoken English, Marathi drama etc.
  • Reference services:-This includes assistance to users in the use of Library, locating specific documents, bibliographic search and providing information on specific topics.
  • Reprographic services: - The central library supplies photocopy service to users from academic year 2012-13.
  • Best Library User Award:- The Central library reward Best library user award from academic Year 2011-12.
    • Arun Vasant Awasarmal               T.Y.B.A.(2011-12)
    • Sandip Prabhakar Sonawane        F.Y.B.A.(2012-13)
  • Internet facility: - The Internet facility is available for the student, teachers. total 7 computers are connetcted with internet.